Hunt, Discover/Learn, Have Fun!

(1) Solve the clues, (2) find and visit the object of your hunt, (3) snap a picture to memorialize the event and (4) send it to us at so we can give you credit for your find and share your picture/accomplishment with others.

Fall Scavenger Hunt!

Do you love to take walks through the neighborhood? Have you always wondered about the history of Deer Park? Over the next several months, we will be providing some “hints” to help you seek and find fun things to look for in the neighborhood. You will be seeking historic places and silly things anyone can find!

For example: What “I” walking court in Deer Park? Ivanhoe Court

After you solve the clue:

1. Take a picture (of you and the target if possible)

2. Send the picture via email within a week of receiving the clue.

We plan to release new clues on the first of each month! Clues will be released first via our e-newsletter (click here to sign up for the e-newsletter), and here on the website, followed by social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Every time you send us a picture that answers the clue you will earn an entry into a gift card drawing from one of our neighborhood businesses.

This spring we will have a drawing for a gift card, and everyone will be invited to a historic tour of the neighborhood by a local expert.

Hint: If you can't figure it out from the clue, we will post the answer - if you have to promise to try and figure it out without looking. You can find the answers by looking here.

September's clues:

1. A landmark on the corner of the street that hosts a very famous sign that is known for breakfast! It also marks the corner of Deer Park Neighborhood.

2. A recycling bin.

3. At least 5 generations of Deer Park children have become teenagers at this place. There is a wonderful field there where you will find lots of kids playing soccer and dogs enjoying a run!

4. No need to go downtown to enjoy great food at this popular spot! It was closed for a while but is now open again! Located at the corner of Bonnycastle and Bardstown Road.

5. A pumpkin

6. A squirrel

7. Well known for Thomas Merton and a place you would get “Knighted.” There are lots of young people here eager to learn!