Crime Prevention Tips

Deer Park is one of the safest neighborhoods in all of the Highlands. However, we thought it would be good to re-publish some crime prevention tips for the benefit of our community. The vast majority of the crime in Deer Park and the Highlands is property related, with 80% of it being preventable. A common theme in these crimes are unlocked cars, keys left in the car, valuable items left in the car, unlocked home doors and windows. Below are some tips from a recent LMPD seminar on preventing property crime:

  • First and foremost…LOCK YOUR CAR AT ALL TIMES. Never leave it running which is, by the way, against the law!

  • Habitually keep your home doors locked – even when working in the yard. Do not leave notes on the door alerting someone that you are not home such as “We are not at home, returning Saturday.” Use deadbolt locks on doors with glass and/or side light windows.

  • Keep your garage door shut and any ladders locked up so they cannot be used by burglars.

  • Make sure your house number is visible for police responding to a complaint. Engrave all valuable property with readily identifiable name and number, starting with KY. Take pictures of valuables.

  • Trim shrubs near windows and doors and open windows should be locked at a maximum 5 inches.

  • When going on vacation, alert a trusted neighbor when you will be gone. Have the lawn mowed while gone, and stop the paper and mail. Contact LMPD to ask for a house watch.

  • External lighting is important as well as interior lights. Use timers for interior lights and leave a radio on for the appearance of being at home. A dog is often a good deterrent as well.

  • Security alarms are good but test and service them regularly. Also be aware of the LMPD alarm program and Louisville Metro False Alarm Ordinance 127.14. Most reputable security companies are registered with LMPS and make sure you are in compliance.

  • If you see a burglary in progress anywhere, do not get involved. Call 911.

  • Assault and robbery type street crimes, though not common in District 8, still occur periodically in an urban environment such as ours. Here are tips in preventing these types of crimes:

  • Do NOT let a stranger into your home until you are satisfied that you know who they are and their purpose! You should have a 190o wide angle door view installed if you cannot see out. Require IDs from workmen, stranded motorists, salesmen, etc. Partially opening a door with a chain should be discouraged. Use your gut instinct. If the situation feels wrong, it probably is.

  • When walking at night, choose a well illuminated path that is very visible. Look directly at persons approaching and acknowledge them with a firm hello. Be confident. Do not appear distracted or intoxicated (even if you are). Always be aware of you surrounding and have your cell phone ready, but not talking, texting, or listening to earbuds.

  • When walking or exercising outdoors, try to go with a friend, especially after dark.

  • Do not give money or cigarettes to anyone. Politely, but firmly, say no and keep walking. If they ask for the time, provide it and keep walking. If you do get robbed or assaulted, remember as much detail about the person and vehicle as possible. Give them your wallet if asked, and do not resist; it is not worth it. Call 911 immediately.

Contact LMPD at 502-574-7427 or email LMPD Neighborhood Watch if you are interested in setting up a Neighborhood Block Watch or having a security check done on your home. The LMPD website is a valuable resource of information for police matters at Also if you are interested in seeing how many and what type of crimes are in your neighborhood drill deeper to Remember, if you see suspicious activity or want to report a non-emergency, call 574-2111 or 574-7111. Again, call 911 for emergencies only. The anonymous tip line is 502-574 LMPD (5673).

The police do the best they can to keep the neighborhood safe with the staff they have, but they need the residents to assist them. Utilizing the tips above you can play an important part in reducing crime and help make Deer Park continue to be one of the best neighborhood communities in all of Louisville.

Learn more info on safety in Deer Park and throughout the Highlands through the District 8 Crime Information webpage.

Stay informed with weekly crime updates for Deer Park and the surrounding Highlands area.