Alley Beautification

Is your alley safe enough for children to ride their bike with other kids? Is your alley someplace where you could have a block party with your neighbors? Do you avoid your alley except when you must put out the garbage or go to and from work?

It is the responsibility of the of the person or company owning or occupying the property to remove all rubbish, weeds, trash, waste, or litter from the center line of the alley, street or easement that borders the property to the property line. This is found in the City Codified Ordinances Chapter 156.

Our alleys, like our homes, yards and sidewalks, should be a place where we can feel safe. Our alleys allow us to connect with our neighbors in ways that residents of other neighborhoods cannot, and we should take advantage of our advantages.

We are working with Beargrass Thunder to transform our alleys into safe zones for residents, walkers, and bikers. Our alleys are not just for cars and garbage cans. Our alleys can be places where we go to see what’s new and interesting, enjoy the flowers and vegetation, and to saunter when we like or hustle when needed.

Each alley can and should be different. Neighbors need to come together and share their personal plans for their personal spaces (e.g., fences, garages). We want to remove the debris, eliminate invasive plants, introduce colorful native species of plants, and be as artful as we want to be. Commissioned murals can truly be works of art that will slow traffic down and get walkers and bikers to pause for a picture. Do-it-yourself murals can have the same affect. Smaller artifacts hanging from fences, trees, or garages are also fun to see when out for a walk.

Beargrass Thunder will bring in native plant experts for a master class for planning and maintaining the perfect eco-friendly, low maintenance alley garden. And they will also have a “how-to” class for our neighborhood muralists to kick off a project.

If you or a neighbor is an artist or knows an artist who would be interested in contributing to this effort, please contact us at

If you believe your alley should be the first alley to get a makeover, speak up and get friends and neighbors to join with you. Send an email to and share your ideas.