Scavenger Hunt Answers

only look after you spare no brain cells in the search for enlightenment.

September's clues:

1. A landmark on the corner of the street that hosts a very famous sign that is known for breakfast! It also marks the corner of Deer Park Neighborhood.

2. A recycling bin.

3. At least 5 generations of Deer Park children have become teenagers at this place. There is a wonderful field there where you will find lots of kids playing soccer and dogs enjoying a run!

4. No need to go downtown to enjoy great food at this popular spot! It was closed for a while but is now open again! Located at the corner of Bonnycastle and Bardstown Road.

5. A pumpkin

6. A squirrel

7. Well known for Thomas Merton and a place you would get “Knighted.” There are lots of young people here eager to learn!


  1. Twig and Leaf

  2. A recycling bin

  3. Highland Middle School

  4. A pumpkin

  5. A squirrel

  6. Bellarmine University