Board of Directors

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Executive Committee

Jason Greenburg, Vice President, Deer Lane

Jason Greenberg, President, Deer Lane

Jason has lived in Deer Park since 1994; he and his wife, Corinne, lived on Ivanhoe Court for 14 years before moving to Deer Lane in 2008. They have three children – Edie (24 years old), Paul (21), and Leah (19). Jason is originally from New York City and lived in Connecticut, Indiana, and Ohio before moving to Kentucky. He is a Geography professor at Sullivan University and has been there since 1995. He holds a Doctorate in Urban and Public Affairs from the University of Louisville. Jason has interests in cities and transportation, enjoys listening to music, and he has visited all 50 states! In addition to the humans, the Greenberg household includes Monty, the dog; Dexter, Yogi, and Hudson (all male cats – okay, Hudson is a kitten); Yertle, the turtle, and Zoot, the cockatiel.  

Seth Manning, Vice President, Stevens Avenue

Seth and his husband, Russell, have lived on Stevens Ave. since 2013. They have two dogs, Donut and Hashbrown. Seth is a fourth grade teacher and has been teaching for over 25 years. He also has a love for gardening and is excited about taking advantage of the neighborhood tree planting program. (Two trees to be planted in 2021!) Seth and Russell enjoy travelling and spoiling their many nieces and nephews.  Seth became a board member to better serve his community and continue to make Deer Park the best neighborhood in our city!

Curtis Stauffer, Secretary, Maplewood Place

Curtis has lived in Deer Park since 2011 with his wife, Rachel Cutler. They have a 3 year old daughter who occasionally joins DPNA meetings. Curtis works for Kentucky Housing Corporation in Frankfort with prior positions that include Assistant Director of Louisville Metro Government’s Develop Louisville Office of Housing & Community Development, Executive Director of the Homeless & Housing Coalition of Kentucky in Frankfort, and Development Director/Advocacy Project Coordinator for Metropolitan Housing Coalition in Louisville. He also volunteers as as a member of the ACLU of Kentucky Board of Directors and the St. John Center for Homeless Men Program Committee. A native of Yarmouth, ME, Curtis lived in Jackson, WY, Philadelphia, PA, Summit County, CO, and St. Paul, MN before moving to Louisville in 2010. He enjoys cycling, hiking, playing the drums, and walks through the park with the family dog.

Jeff Hughes, Treasurer, Richmond Drive

After 20 years in Louisville’s east end, Jeff Hughes and wife Carolyn moved to Richmond Drive in 2014.  Jeff, a native Ohioan, is recently retired from finance and marketing jobs at Assurant, Inc. and GE.   Deer Park is perfect for Jeff and Carolyn to live this next “chapter” in their lives, especially since their son, Tom, lives a mile away. Jeff wants to give back to the community through volunteerism and being active in his Deer Park neighborhood. Jeff likes travel, hiking, cycling, astronomy, reading, and DIY projects and landscaping around their new (old) Highlands house.

Current Board Members

John Bucher, Alfresco Place

Art Cestaro, Ivanhoe Court

Jenifer Frommeyer, Rutherford Avenue

Kirk McIver, Roanoke Avenue

Helen Payne, Roanoke Avenue

Kyle Rogers, Douglass Boulevard

April Sage, Quadrant Avenue

Gordon Stock, Roanoke Avenue

Alan Scherer, Board Member Emeritus

Alan served on the Deer Park board for 40 years. He served as President at different times for 14 years. He received numerous awards, including the neighborhood president of the year, the Bell award, and other honors. He was appointed to the Bardstown Overlay committee by then-mayor Jerry Abramson, where he served 10 years. Alan was responsible for the "No" campaign against a 24 hour service station at Eastern Parkway and Bardstown Road. He led the association to opposing movie theaters and a dance club at the Schuster building. The theaters decided instead to locate at Mid-City Mall. He led the Steven Avenue residents in P.R.I.D.E, Proud Residents in Defense of the Environment.  He also worked to support relocating Plasma Alliance from Stevens Avenue and Bardstown Road to Crums Lane. This led to the revitalization of Bardstown Road, and Seviche is now located there. Alan was a neighborhood activist and believed Deer Park is the best place to live, raise a family, eat, and retire.

Past Board Members:

Ann Atkin, Bob Atkin, Ron Baker, Joe Bohannon, Tom Bohnert, Allen Buren, Grace Cohen, Dominic Colbee, Steve Darbyshire, Virginia Derr, Jim Dorsey, Dustin Edge, Mike Fautz, Jeff Greenberg, Carolyn Gregory, Susan and Allee Harmon, Deryl Haun, Becky Heaton, Tom Herman, Bill Herron, Marcella Hert, Ron Johnson, John Kelley, Bill Klappen, William Klapper, Mike Klausing, Andy Latkovski, Terree Latkovski, Sherilyn Lawson, Bart Levy, Mike Lietner, Carolyn Linker, JoAnn Linn, Mike Listener, Leonard Lococco, Kate Miller, Susan Mongiat, Susie Morris, Richard O’Malley, Tammy Markert, Carole Peake, Tony Peake, Jude Peckinpaugh, Nancy Peterson, Mike Pfaff, Charles Puckett, Erma Raque, Greg Richards, John Riley, Mary Ann Rodahoefer, Steve Rose, Harry Rothgerber, Helen Rothgerber, Clem Russell, Kevin Sales, Alan Scherer, Jeanette Schwabb, Rachel Schwartz, Sandy Smith, Linda Solley, Curtis Stauffer, Leo Vessels, Peter Volf, Allison Warnersmith, Lucy Zimmerman

NOTE: We are in the process of identifying past board members.  If you or someone you know served on the board in the past, please contact

Monthly Meetings

Board meetings are held from 7-8pm on the first Tuesday of every month at the Bardstown Road Presbyterian Church, located at 1722 Bardstown Road, unless otherwise noted here. The entrance to the meeting space is located through the door on the patio next to Bardstown Road. Everyone is welcome!