Alan Scherer

A pillar of our community.

Celebration of Life for Alan Scherer

Thursday, August 4 at 11 am

Unity of Louisville

757 S. Brook Street

Officiants: Rev. Martha Creek, Raamesie Umandavi, Rev. Kathy Mae Miller

Celebration Meal to follow at the Hotel Louisville Grand Ball Room, 120 W Broadway; parking lot adjacent to building.


In honor of Alan's Hug-A-Bunny project, we're asking attendees to please bring a small stuffed animal to love on during the service. Afterward, the stuffed animals will be donated to Home of the Innocents.

In lieu of flowers, Alan requested the following organizations to donate:

Unity of Louisville or Deer Park Neighborhood Association

Alan Scherer, Board Member Emeritus

At the Deer Park Neighborhood Association's June 2022 meeting, the Board voted to make Alan a Board Member Emeritus.

WHEREAS, in special recognition of distinguished service to Deer Park Neighborhood Association wishes to acknowledge Alan Scherer, by appointing him as Board Member Emeritus; and

WHEREAS, Alan Scherer has served various Louisville events, nonprofits, and Compassionate Louisville initiatives that include The Home of the Innocents, Unity of Louisville, Dreams With Wings, and various charities and

WHEREAS, Alan Scherer has been awarded The Bell Award for outstanding volunteerism work in the community; The Jefferson Medal of Freedom for Patriotic volunteerism; The AARP Real Possibility Faith Award for extraordinary volunteerism in faith communities; and Mayor’s local awards for community service

WHEREAS, Alan Scherer served as Deer Park Neighborhood Association President, Co-President, Vice President, and Committee Chairperson on multiple committees from; and

WHEREAS, Alan Scherer continued his service to Deer Park Neighborhood Association from June 1984 until May 2022 for a total of 38 years of loyal and dedicated service; and

WHEREAS, Alan Scherer served as an invaluable and influential mentor virtually every Deer Park Neighborhood Association board member, many of whom he personally recruited and consistently demonstrated his passion for service to the neighborhood and the larger community; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by Deer Park Neighborhood Association’s Board of Directors that it approves the appointment of Alan Scherer, as Board Member Emeritus of Deer Park Neighborhood Association, in Louisville Kentucky.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Board herein extends its deepest appreciation to Alan Scherer for his dedication and service to Deer Park Neighborhood Association, and to the people of this neighborhood and the city of Louisville and Jefferson County.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Resolution is spread upon the permanent minutes of this Board and that copies are given to Alan Scherer to share with members of his family, friends, and to other appropriate Association members.