Short Term Rentals in Louisville and Reporting Illegal STRs

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"A short term rental (STR) is a dwelling unit, such as a residence or apartment, that is rented, leased, or otherwise assigned for a tenancy of less than 30 consecutive days in duration." Click here to view Louisville Metro's Short Term Rental Information web page. STRs are typically listed on sites such as AirBnB, VRBO,, or

Current STRs in Louisville

Follow this link to see the current map of all approved STRs in Louisville, including owner-occupied units where only registration is required and non-owner-occupied units that require registration and a Conditional Use Permit in residential areas.

Follow this link to see the current map of non-owner-occupied STRs with Conditional Use Permits. Properties with pending STR Conditional Use Permit applications are yellow dots on the map. Per Metro Government Ordinance 056-2019, "the property on which the short term rental(s) is situated shall not be located closer than 600 feet (measured in a straight line from nearest property line to nearest property line) to any property on which another approved short term rental that required a Conditional Use Permit is situated." If you believe a property with proposed STR Conditional Use Permit is within 600 feet of another STR Conditional Use Permit property, you can submit comment to Metro Planning and Design Services opposing the application.

How to Report an Illegal STR

If you believe someone is using a property as a Short Term Rental, but it does not show up on the registry or they are using it improperly (need a Conditional Use Permit, but do not have one), you can report it to Louisville Metro Government.

How to Report an Issue Online

How to Report an Issue via Telephone

Call 311 with address information ready.