Recycling Cart Update

Recycling Cart Update

"Households within the Urban Services District that currently recycle using an 18-gallon bin or their own container will receive a free 95-gallon recycling cart!"

If you haven't received your new, free, 95 gallon recycling cart:

  1. If you have not already filled out the Recycling Cart Request Form, do that as soon as possible.

  2. If you HAVE filled out the form, please do not fill it out again.

  3. While you wait for your new cart, please use your old recycling bin(s) as well as additional container(s) or cardboard boxes for recycling overflow. You may also utilize the recycling drop-off dumpsters.

  4. Please fill out our Recycling Bin Delivery Tracking form so we can track who doesn't have their recycling bins, and forward the neighborhood's information to our council representative.

Recycling pick is every other week, keep up with the schedule by downloading the Recycle Coach app.

Learn more about this recycling cart project at