Article II : Members

Section One

Qualifications for admission as an Active Member: Any person interested in the objects and purposes of this Association may apply for active membership, subject to the age and boundary limitations, which follows:

a. Any person so interested and qualified may become an active member upon payment of annual dues of the Association.

b. An active member must be 18 years or older.

c. An active member must be a resident, property owner, or business operator located within the boundaries of the Association

d. Each dues paying member will be allowed one (1) vote, limited to two (2) votes per household. Each business operator member will be allowed (1) vote.

Section Two

Associate membership: Any person not eligible for active membership but interested in the Association goals may become an associate member, without voting privileges, upon payment of the annual associate membership dues.

Section Three

Annual Dues: Annual dues shall be set by resolution of the Board of Directors. Dues shall be due January 1. Dues must be paid by April 1 to vote in the May elections.

Section Four

Boundaries: The boundaries of the Association are as follows:

  • Eastern Parkway, north of Newburg Road, and the northwestern boundary of Calvary Cemetery form the NORTHWESTERN boundary.

  • Bardstown Road forms the NORTHEASTERN boundary.

  • Douglass Boulevard and an imaginary line extending it in a southwesterly direction crossing Newburg Road to Beargrass Creek forms the SOUTHEASTERN boundary.

  • Beargrass Creek forms the SOUTHWESTERN boundary up to the northwestern edge of Calvary Cemetery.