Deer Park Neighborhood Association is non-profit and began in 1974. 

Our objectives are:    
  • To beautify the neighborhood.
  • To preserve the historic, architectural and cultural character of the neighborhood.
  • To support and encourage visual, performing, and other artistic endeavors.
  • To combat community deterioration by encouraging all residents and businesses within the area to improve the condition and appearance of their property.
  • To create and expand civic pride and cooperation throughout the area.
  • To improve the safety and well-being of all persons living in, working in, and visiting the neighborhood by providing education on community issues, such as crime prevention, zoning, and environmental concerns.
  • To work with other neighborhood, local, and governmental groups to solve common problems and to maintain and upgrade the quality of life in Deer Park and the Highlands Area.
  • To engage in and support other charitable and educational activities.
  • For more information about the history of the neighborhood, please visit the Deer Park Wikipedia page.

Meetings are held from 7-8pm on the second Thursday of every month at the Bardstown Road Presbyterian Church, located at 1722 Bardstown Road. The entrance to the meeting space is located through the door on the patio next to Bardstown Road. Everyone is welcome!

  • Eastern Parkway, north of Newburg Road, and the northwestern boundary of Calvary Cemetery form the NORTHWESTERN boundary. 
  • Bardstown Road forms the NORTHEASTERN boundary. 
  • Douglass Boulevard and an imaginary line extending it in a southwesterly direction crossing Newburg Road to Beargrass Creek forms the SOUTHEASTERN boundary. 
  • Beargrass Creek forms the SOUTHWESTERN boundary up to the northwestern edge of Calvary Cemetery.


All dues currently expire at the end of each calendar year. Annual membership is $10 for a household or $15 for a businesses.

Dues can be paid through the following methods:

1) PayPal (below)

2) Bring a check or cash to a monthly DPNA meeting. (Meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month at the Bardstown Road Presbyterian Church located at 1722 Bardstown Road from 7-8pm)

3) Mail a check or cash to DPNA, PO Box 5152, Louisville, KY 40205.

Please include your physical and your email address in the transaction so we can credit you properly.